Santa Fe Trail Expansion and Vote

Cameron Creek Trail

The City of Visalia is going to decide if they should expand the Santa Fe Trail from Santa Fe and Ave 272 out to Mooney Grove Park. The project was voted down surprisingly before Christmas. Councilman Greg Collins has tabled the project to be voted on again January 19th at 7pm at the Visalia Convention Center.
The funds have already been allocated for the project and after 35 years we could have a connecting trail that will reach Cutler Park.



Please come and show your support for the project. Michael Young will be speaking on how this trail can benefit Visalia through events like End of the Trail. We would love input on how this would provide a safer means to run, cycle, or push strollers. If we miss this opportunity it could be years until the project is completed.
Join us 1/19/2021

7pm-8pm. Please wear a mask
Open to the public, cycling clubs, running clubs, event organizers, citizens, walkers
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