Our Review of the Moon Sport U Pro and unboxing of a White U Pro

Moon Sport USA

We were finally able to do a review of the Moon Sport USA U Pro. There is more searches for this product on our website versus any other product. What we can tell you is this headlamp has an edge over the competition and is priced very well at $74.99 (Free Shipping from our Store).

Moon Sport USA has been a player in lights used on mountain bikes and decided to enter the running market early in 2020. They currently have 4 levels in their headlamps and 3 colors as of September 2020: Black, White, and Gray

  • U Mini $39.00 120 Lumen Peak
  • U Mini+ $49.00 200 Lumen Peak
  • U $59.99 350 Lumen Peak
  • U Pro $74.99 500 Lumen Peak

We were able to order the last of the U Mini's before they were discontinued according to our rep for the brand. The U Mini + will be the base model going forward.

The packaging is secure and inside you will find the band that needs to be assembled to the silicone band. A small pouch holds the USB charger wire. I charged mine for the first time in my car after running with it 4 times. It was at 50% but I wanted to see how quickly it could charge. It took just over an hour to be at full capacity again. 

It took some practice using the light modes of the U Pro. Moon Sport coins the phrase the Variable Lumen System (VLS). You can choose from the following:

  • Boost Mode (U and U Pro)
  • 8 Steady Surge Modes
  • 2 Flash Modes
  • SOS Red Light Mode

The U Pro has the highest lumen rating at 500 Lumens which is ridiculously bright! It is like staring into the sun. Apparently it was tested by a 5 minute mile runner and it projected 50 feet in front which is unheard of. Now there are headlamps that reach 700 Lumens like the Black Diamond Icon 700, but it is bulky and almost $100.

Water Resistance surprised us with an IPX7 Level. That means if it is dropped in 3 feet of water it should still function. So the headlamp should handle about any kind of weather such as rain or snow.

The device has an alarm system that sounds more often as the battery life is running low. When I was on my 4th run and heard the beep I thought it was already low. But you have to read the fine print to see that when it beeps 3 times every 10 minutes, then it is getting low and will need a recharge.

Overall we were impressed with the technology of the Moon Sport. It does not have an option for a blinking light on the back like competitors Black Diamond. But they exceed expectations on more levels


  • Light Modes: Boost (U and U Pro), 8 steady VLS, 2 Flash VLS, SOS
  • Lightweight 79 grams
  • Charging and Fully Charged Indicator
  • Water Resistant IPX7
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Recharge Time 2 Hours

Check out our Youtube Video and we hope you enjoyed the review!

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Moon Sport U Pro


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