Our Review of the HydraPak Flux 1.5 Liter Bottle

The HydraPak Flux 1.5L Bottle

We were impressed with the simplicity of the HydraPak Flux 1.5 Liter Bottle. Imagine a bottle that you can pack in on a day hike and leave with it in your pocket. You can also travel with it and fill it up at the airport or your hotel room. No more water bottles needed! Introducing the Flux bottle.


No Spill Cap

HydraPak makes water hydration bottles and sleeves for most brands in the market. If you have ever used Nathan, Patagonia, North Face, or Osprey, you have used HydraPak. The Cap is a dense plastic that is durable for the most grueling hikes or excursions.



    At only 97g, it packs down smaller than a deck of cards, your new thru-hiking essential


    Unique drink through cap with spill-proof valve for easy drinking and no leak-usage


    Attaches to most 42mm threaded water filters, use as your backcountry squeeze bag or drink directly through


    Dual-layer film laminate construction adds structure and RF-welded soft walls give grip without compromising compactness


It actually fits into your pocket when emptied. Now how did that just happen?!

Our YouTube Review

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