Jessa Sandlin's Review of Gu Roctane Energy Mix vs Nutrabio Super Carb

GU Roctane Energy Mix vs. NutraBio Super Carb Review

As a triathlete, endurance is the name of the game. Dialing in your nutrition can be quite a challenge sometimes, especially with so many sports nutrition products on the market. I have been an avid fan of GU nutrition since I became a runner in 2015, and was introduced to the GU Roctane electrolyte capsules in 2019, and have been a staple in my training/competition nutrition.

When I started training for my Ironman 70.3, I     noticed that electrolyte tablets I was putting in my water just didn’t seem to be cutting it anymore and I would feel depleted. While visiting FYE Sports during the summer I asked Mike for some help and recommendation for a formula or other products to help with endurance training, since I knew he had personal experience with this type of fueling. I told him I was considering the GU Roctane Energy mix since I was a fan of their products and knew it wouldn’t cause issues with when I experience sensitive stomach issues during training or competition. Mike concurred it was a great product, but he also gave the suggestion of NutraBio’s Super Carb. He had had luck with fueling with this mix during his long runs. As any experienced athlete knows, when trying out new nutrition products is like a game of “Russian roulette” to see if it will work for you, and your digestion, or not. If he was willing to recommend it as highly as he did, I figured, “just go for it”.

Like I said earlier, sometimes I get sensitive stomach issues while training/competing. It is always hard to know the rhyme or reason for it, but this is why I make sure to really be confident in the nutrition I used before race day, unfortunately I have had to learn the hard way.  I knew I would be heading on a long run with my Pack the weekend after I got my new mixes from FYE Sports, and I was anxious to try them. I started with the GU Roctane “Strawberry Hibiscus” energy mix on my 13.1 mile run- all in all this was a win! The flavor was not too strong, it was smooth on my stomach, and held me through with feeling energized and not depleted when I finished my run. I had a feeling I would like it, but nonetheless I was pretty happy with how much I liked it.


At first, I was a bit skeptical trying out the NutraBio Super Carb “Orange Mango” mix for a few reasons: 1. I was pretty diligent on following the Keto diet, and I wasn’t sure how my body would handle incorporating that amount of carbs into my system 2. I had never tried a carb drink mix so I wasn’t necessarily sure what to expect. At this point I was willing to try and find the winning mix to help me for my Ironman. The swim is not my biggest strength when it comes to competing in triathlon, and I decided why not put the Super Carb to the test before my open water swim practice at Lake Woollomes. I had noticed I had struggled with that depleted feeling during my swims, and holy cow…

NutraBio Super Carb was such a great choice! I made sure to give it a good 30 minutes before my swim to settle. It didn’t feel heavy on my stomach, nor upset it. You do have to be pretty diligent about shaking it up in the water bottle for it to dissolve well, one scoop in a 16 oz. water bottle was sufficient! Did I finally find the winning drink mix?!?!

I thought to myself, hmmm…why not try both in a brick (two events) workout and see how it works! This would either be the best or worst idea ever! Lol So I drank my Super Carb mix before my lap swim for 2100 yards, and then got ready to get on my bike for a 40-mile ride and filled up my water bottles with GU Roctane energy mix, and went for it. Not only was this a successful brick workout with feeling well and not depleted, but no upset stomach and the taste from each product didn’t taste terrible with having both of them. I was absolutely impressed!! I couldn’t wait to tell Mike about how his recommendation for the Super Carb was spot on! Now this left me perplexed, did I really have to choose one or the other?

The Verdict

I’m here to tell you, now both of these products are very incorporated into my training/competition nutrition! I used them for my nutrition at my Ironman 70.3 in Santa Cruz, and am so glad I did. Especially in my ocean swim, it really kept me going with drinking the NutraBio Super Carb an hour before the race. They both have such great benefits to them and I think are both very versatile. I would recommend them for running, triathlon, and any athletic effort. My husband has been using the NutraBio Super Carb for his weight lifting efforts, as I will be as well. I primarily use the GU Roctane mix for my cardio workouts.

Major kudos to Mike on his recommendation of these products! I encourage anyone who is shopping at FYE Sports needing a nutrition recommendation, he’s your guy! I’m grateful to have tried these products and will continue to preach how awesome they are.


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